Company Introduction
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    Company Introduction
    Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise integrating recycled fiber, paper making, packaging, printing, environmental protection, trade, logistics, port and wharf. It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 with stock code 600567, and headquartered in Shanghai.

    By November 2018, Shanying International owes 9 papermaking companies at home and abroad (Anhui Ma'an Shan, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hubei Jingzhou, Fujian Zhangzhou, Nordic Sweden / Norway, Kentucky, USA). It has 23 packaging ,printing, design, sales and production companies , 19 international trade enterprises, 5 land logistics, port and wharf enterprises, 2 investment and financing enterprises, and 2 environmental protection enterprises. Among them, 3 paper-making enterprises are high-technology enterprises, and 1 paper-making enterprise is a postdoctoral research workstation. In 2018, Shanying International ranked No. 416 in Fortune China's top 500 enterprises and Top 10 in China's light industry with the third largest output of wrapping paper in China.

    Ecological Shanying, Centennial Foundation. Shanying International has always regarded green, low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development as the life of enterprise development. Not at the cost of ecological destruction, industrial wrapping paper was produced from recycled fiber, 4.5 million tons of recycled fiber were recovered annually, and 200,000 hectares of forest resources were protected.

    Adhering to the enterprise values of "integrity, care, passion and responsibility," Shanying International has taken the mission of "leading to create, share and win-win industrial civilization," and "becoming the most valuable and creative eco-enterprise in the world" as its vision. Committed to building a new pattern of industrial ecology. In the future, the company will take a forward-looking attitude, seize the transformation of industry, national situation and times, along the path of "optimizing product quality, opening up industrial chain, building industrial ecology," and strive for the goal of ecological Shanying.

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