Shanying Culture
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            Company Introduction

            Company Introduction


            Become the world's leading, the most valuable creativity of the eco-enterprise

            World's Leading: the leading continuous innovation ability and intelligent creation ability
            The Most Valuable Creativity: creativity of both commercial social value
            Eco-enterprise: interconnection of both industry and ecology, the synergism of value chains and the sustainable development of cycling, low-carbon and green


            Leading co-creative, sharing, and win-win civilized industry

            Core Values


            Honesty and commitment 1. Advocate seeking truth from the facts and opposite the fraud;
            2. Advocate the deeds to the words and opposite breaking the promise;
            3. Opposite forget honor at the prospect of profits.


            Open and inclusive; help others while improve yourself 1. Keep an open mind;
            2. Learn to share, do not have a closet mindset or follow others at every step;
            3. We should advocate caring for each other.


            Be bold in innovation and strive for excellence 1. Have the courage of breaking the stereotype;
            2. Be initiative;
            3. From studying the benchmarking to become a benchmarking and keep leading competitive advantage.


            Be responsible and dare to take the risk 1. Improve the professional competence and responsibility and be conscientious and responsible doesn't means control everything;
            2. Dare to accept the task with pressure and take the risk of decision; never try to find the excuse for the failure.

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