Regenerated Fiber

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          1. Regenerated Fiber

            In 2007, Huanyu International was established, and Shanying International took a key step in the process of internationalization. In more than ten years, the global procurement system of regenerated fiber has been established, and the "large logistics" system of the regenerated fiber industry has been built, with trade and logistics channels in many countries on different continents.
            The procurement footprint of the four global procurement offices of Huanyu International covers 33 countries, and the procurement of waste paper involves 35 kinds of paper. In 2018, Huanyu International purchased about 2.5 million metric tons of recycled waste paper. The annual export of waste paper to China accounted for about 12% of the total import of waste paper in China, ranking third.

            American Cycle Link

            Company address:1330 Valley Vista Drive, Diamond Bar, California 91765, U.S.A.
            Company phone:+1 909 861 5888
            Company fax:+1 909 861 5880

            European Cycle Link (The Netherlands)

            Company address:Cycle Link (Europe) B.V.Rivium 1e Straat 47/52909 LE Capelle Aan Den IJssel (Rotterdam) The Netherlands
            Company phone:+31 10 2660888
            Company fax:+31 10 2660886

            Japanese Cycle Link

            Company address:5E Yamanote Bldg,1-29-5 Nishi-ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 171-0021,Japan
            Company phone:+81(3)6914 0807
            Company fax:+81(3)5391 3015

            Australian Cycle Link

            Company address:Suite 10/758, Blackburn Road, Clayton, VIC, 3168
            Company phone:+61 (3)8516 5101
            Company fax:+61 (3)8677 9398

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